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Bridging Finance is a way for property developers to use a house or land as a bridge and release equity. This type of financing is most commonly used by companies to fulfil short-term working capital needs.

Funding11 does not require perfect credit for bridging finance. However, any applicant for this type of finance will need a clear exit strategy, as no lender will lend the money if there is no clear way for it to be paid back.

The property on which we can secure bridging finance can be residential, buy-to-let, semi-commercial or fully commercial.

Bridging finance often is a short-term way of raising funds. The best way to think about bridging finance is as a temporary arrangement that helps you get where you want to go until you are either able to pay back the money or secure more permanent finance. It’s why it’s called bridging finance.

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Our Bridging Finance Services

When it comes to bridging finance, Funding11 specialises in





Development Finance

How can bridging finance be used?

Lenders usually offer bridging finance for buying or renovating property as a form of property development finance. The property can be residential, buy-to-let, semi-commercial or fully commercial. The work can be either complete property development or simply an improvement like the addition of a bathroom or a flat.

Bridging finance can also be used for other commercial purposes, as long as there is a clear exit in place. An ‘exit’ describes how you either plan to completely clear the bridging finance arrangement or to shift it onto something like a term mortgage or another more permanent type of finance.

There are both closed and open bridging arrangements. Closed ones are lines of credit with fixed exit dates in place. Open bridging arrangements are granted without any exit fixed. This means you will be given a certain period in which to pay the money back.

Funding11 can take you through your options so together we can agree which lender best fits your needs.

Because bridging finance is a specialist in nature the interest rates can be higher than more traditional finance arrangments. When you tell Funding11 how much you require we will be able to find the best lender for you.

NOTE: With Funding11 a typical bridging finance arrangement

  • Size could be between £30,000 and £250 Million
  • Rates start from 0.49% per month
  • We can offer up to 75% LTV
  • There is no early repayment fee
  • Terms are from 1 month to 3 years

The reality is that bridging finance can be in your account much faster than more conventional alternatives. Lenders can take weeks to complete term loans, but out bridging finance can be ready within as little as 5 business days.

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Have Any Questions
Regarding Our Bridging Finance?

How can I apply?

Call us or you can apply online we aim to provide you with an approval within 1 business day.

Do you charge an application fee?

Yes, we charge an application fee on all our bridging finance applications if you accept the terms of our loan offer.

What is the minimum amount I can apply for?

The minimum amount you can borrow is £30,000 and the maximum is £250 Million.

What is the maximum loan term you offer?

We offer a maximum term of 3 years and a minimum term of 1 month depending upon your requirement.

Do you charge an early repayment fee?

No, most of our lenders don’t charge any early repayment fee.

Is there any limit on the number of properties I can use for collateral?

No, we use an unlimited number of properties for collateral.

Can you complete a bridge without a physical valuation?

Yes, some of our lenders can use desktop valuation to speed things up.

How quick can you complete a bridge?

We can complete a bridge as little as 5 business days depending upon the complexity of the case excluding development finance.

If I have a CCJ or Default can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply it won’t impact the approval on your application but the rate might be slightly higher.

Apply online. It will only take a minute and
will not have any impact on your credit score.

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