Terms of Service

1. Us FND11 Ltd t/a Funding11 is solely a finance broker, not a finance lender.

2. Company Conditions

In addition to the Terms & Conditions of Website Usage which can be found at, these Terms of Service apply. You will not need to sign or counter-sign to state your approval of these Terms. However, if you engage FND11 Ltd t/a Funding11 to act as a finance broker for your company, you are deemed to agree with them, and be bound by them. And you may want to print a copy and keep it with your notes.

3. What we’re doing

3.1 We are solely a finance broker and not a lender. As your solely appointed finance broker, we will work closely with you to allow you to select the most suitable funding solution we have been able to obtain through:-

i. Carry out an evaluation of the unique financing and company needs;

ii. Searching the market to compile a shortlist of lenders we think would fulfil your needs;

iii. Once a lender has been selected, continuously assist you in your process;


iv. Be open to you at any time after finalising your funding plan

3.2 We are impartial and will always seek to treat you equally with sufficient ability, consideration and honesty, to prevent any situation where our responsibility to you is undermined and to deal with any concerns as honestly as possible.

3.3 What we don’t do: We don’t lend you money, give finance, offer legal advice of some sort, give financial health or well-being advice or give tax advice.

4. Fees

We will either provide you with our services at no charge or we can charge fees for more complicated transactions usually. This will be clearly illustrated to you in our Notice of Details which is usually sent by email before any fees are due.

For introducing you to finance providers, we may obtain a commission from them. On request, we’ll explain this to you.

5. Interest conflicts

In our vast experience, our relationship with you is highly unlikely to give rise to a conflict of interest. However, if a conflict occurs, we will inform you of the conflict of interest, and we will get your permission before your instructions are executed.

6. Appeals

6.1 Please write to Funding11, Floor 37, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA or admin@funding11.com if you wish to complain about our services.

6.2 You may be able to refer any allegation against us to the Financial Ombudsman Service if your revenue is less than £1000,000. Further information about Financial Ombudsman Service authority and scope can be found at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

7. Our liability to you is minimal

7.1 Our duty is to assist you in locating a lender that is willing to lend money to your business according to the details that you have provided us with. Any discussion you have with a lender beyond the scope or intent of these Terms, and the implications of any such discussion for you or your company and any transactions or investments that result from such discussion, is not our liability for any reason at all.

7.2 We select and present to you every lender on the basis that we have taken fair care to ensure that such lender is an honest, responsible and if necessary properly regulated undertaking. Accordingly, we recognise your duty. We will have no duty to check any lender’s credit rating or other details and we will make no reference or guarantee to you about any lender or the services they provide. We make no guarantee that the services that a lender offers will fulfil your requirements or standards. No advice or knowledge received by you from us, whether oral or in writing, will establish any guarantee. We are not responsible to you for any damage that you might suffer or for any costs or expenditures that you may incur as a result of a lender failure or demerit of a nature that it would not have been appropriate for us to identify through our normal due diligence procedures referred to in this section.

7.3 Nothing in these Terms of Service shall exclude or limit our liability to you for fraud; death or personal injury arising from negligence.

8. Your duties

8.1 In order for us to fulfil our obligations to you, you are required to read any documents we provide you with and let us know if there is something that is confusing or does not match your requirements, and ask any other question that affects your use of our services. We will not be liable to you if we make arrangements which are not completely suitable for your company due to insufficient information or lack of information from you.

8.2 If you or your company undergoes significant changes in the course of our relationship with you specifically if not exclusively relating to material adverse financial changes, you must contact us accordingly, unless you are under a formal legal duty not to do so.

8.3 Should we incur material costs or expenses or suffer material losses as a consequence of your failure to comply with paragraphs 8.1 or 8.2, we shall be entitled to compensation from you for these costs, expenses or losses.

8.4 Provide us with a written notice of seven days if you decide to use different broker services.

9. Privacy and Data Security

9.1 We are licenced under the Data Protection Act 2018 and comply with the provisions of the applicable regulations laid down therein.

9.2 All details that we collect from you shall be kept in strict confidentiality by us and shall be used solely to provide quotes and arrange financing with a lender. We do not provide the credit rating agency to your (principal directors or partners). Confidential details to someone other than a prospective lender without your prior consent unless we are authorised to do so by statute, through a court order.

9.3 The lender shall perform a credit check with a credit rating service before or after you enter into any arrangement with the lender to help make financial decisions. If you are a business or affiliate the lender may also make inquiries with the credit rating agency about the principal director(s) or partner(s). Complete details of the lender’s use and protection of your information must be set out by law in the terms of any loan offer that the lender wants to make and you should read all of this carefully before signing.

9.4 All documents of our clients shall be considered as confidential and private. If you wish to have copies of your documents please send a written request to:

Funding11, Floor 37, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA or email admin@funding11.com

10. Miscellaneous Matters

10.1 Each party may terminate the relationship under these Terms of Business with immediate effect upon written notice to the other.

10.2 These Terms of Business shall be regulated by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters which occur therefrom.

10.3 Without the prior written consent to FND11 Ltd t/a Funding11, you shall not appoint, novate, sub-contract or otherwise dispose of any of its rights and/or responsibilities under certain terms and conditions.

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