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The lifeblood of any business is its working capital. With healthy cash flow, you can grab new opportunities and set out to win more business. It not only saves time but also gives you greater peace of mind, as well as the breathing space you need to make long-term decisions for your business.

At Funding11, we have been able to help many businesses with working capital loans. We can source an unsecured loan for working capital in less than a week. If you need help to fund your next step, Funding11 wants to help you.

Working capital loans are loans that are taken to finance a company’s daily operations. They are not loans for buying long-term assets or making investments but are, instead, there to provide the working capital to covers a business’s short-term, operational needs. These may include costs like payroll, debt repayments or rent. Working capital loans are effectively corporate debt borrowings used by companies to finance day-to-day operations.

How Working Capital Loans Work

There are times when a company simply does not possess enough cash or asset liquidity to pay everyday operational expenses. This is a classic time when a working capital loan helps. Another time is when businesses with cyclical sales or high seasonality need a working capital loan to help them through periods when business activity is reduced.

A lot of businesses have unpredictable revenues during the year. For example, many manufacturers have cyclical sales corresponding to the needs of retail customers. Indeed the majority of retailers find they sell more products during their fourth-quarter holiday season than other times of the year.

This means that in order be able to supply retailers, manufacturers will tend to carry out much of their production in the summer months, so their inventories are ready for that all-important fourth-quarter push.

As a result, when the year-end arrives, retailers will reduce their purchases from manufacturers while they focus on selling what they have in stock. This reduces manufacturing sales and causes many manufacturers to seek working capital loans.

Manufacturers use their working capital loans to pay operating expenses and wages during this quiet fourth quarter. The tendency is for the loans to be paid back in time for the busy season when the financing assistance is no longer needed.

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How can I apply?

Call us or you can apply online we aim to provide you with an approval within 1-2 business days.

What documents are required to apply for working capital finance?

  • Last set of filed accounts
  • Last six months business bank statement
  • Proof of identity (Passport or Driving License)

Do you require a business plan or cash flow statement?

No, we do not require a business plan or cash flow statement.

Apply online. It will only take a minute and
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