Cashflow Finance

With cash flow financing, loans are made to a company backed by that company’s expected cash flow.

Cash flow is the amount of money that flows through a business in a particular period. Cash flow financing is also known as a cash flow loan. The loan’s payback is based on the generated cash flow.

This type of financing is particularly helpful to those businesses that generate significant amounts of cash from sales but don’t hold a wealth of physical assets, like equipment, which could otherwise be used as collateral for a loan.

When a business generates positive cash flow, it creates enough liquidity from revenue to meet its ongoing financial obligations. At Funding11 we specialize in finding lenders that will determine the amount of credit that can be extended to your business. The sort of cash-flow loans we deal with can be set up for either the short or the long-term.

Cash-flow financing is particularly appealing for companies that seek to either fund their operations, to acquire another business or make a major purchase.

With a Funding11 brokered cash-flow loan you will essentially be borrowing from a portion of your future cash flow.

Cash-flow loans are types of short-term funding that assist in alleviating financial pressures during tough business months. Among their big advantages is that they can be very quick to obtain. This means you can get an all-important injection of cash when it’s most needed. The lenders we attract will, in turn, create payment schedules based on your company’s projected future cash flow in addition to considering your past cash flows.

Perhaps your business wants to expand. Or you may be a seasonal operation suffering a short month. In both these situations, cash-flow assistance can be the perfect solution to deal with any short-term woes. Research has found that restaurants, pubs, and florists are among the most likely SMEs to raise finance from cash-flow lending. Retailers, convenience stores and salons are not far behind.

What these industries have in common is degrees of seasonality. It is why a Funding11 solution is a sound choice for many businesses. It helps them bridge cash flow during quiet periods or to fund expansion throughout the year.

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Regarding Our Cashflow Finance?

How can I apply?

Call us or you can apply online we aim to provide you with an approval within 1-2 business days.

What documents are required to apply for cashflow finance?

  • Last set of filed accounts
  • Last six months business bank statement
  • Proof of identity (Passport or Driving License)

Do you require a business plan or cash flow statement?

No, we do not require a business plan or cash flow statement.

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