British business bank

The government-owned British Business Bank has chosen
most lenders on our panel to help businesses that need funding.

When considering taking out a business loan, there are several things you need to think about. There are not only many types of a loan but there is also a range of different lenders.

With so many products and providers from which to choose, there are massive variations in areas like eligibility criteria, interest rates, not to mention the overall costs.

At Funding11 we keep our eye on the prize and will work with you to determine what is the best finance package for you and your business.

If a business doesn’t have a solid trading history or can’t demonstrate an entire financial past, Funding11 will aim to surprise you by showing what the team can do!

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Our Business Loans Services

When it comes to business loans, Funding11 specialises in

Cash Flow






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Have Any Questions
Regarding Our Business Loans?

How can I apply?

Call us or you can apply online we aim to provide you with an approval within 1-2 business days.

What is the minimum trading history requirement?

The company must be trading for at least 1 year to qualify for our business loan excluding cash advance loan.

What is the minimum turnover requirement?

We need a minimum turnover of £60,000 plus to qualify for our business loan excluding cash advance loan.

Do I need a perfect credit score to apply?

No, final approval is based on the overall health of your business but if you have any CCJ or Default than you might get declined.

Do I need to be a homeowner to apply?

No, but if you’re applying for more than £200,000 than you need to be a homeowner.

Do I need to give a personal guarantee?

Yes, because our business loan is unsecured, most of our lenders require a personal guarantee from the company directors.

What documents are required?

  • Last set of filed accounts
  • Last six months business bank statement
  • Proof of identity (Passport or Driving License)

Do you charge an upfront fee to process application?

No, we do not charge any upfront fee.

Apply online. It will only take a minute and
will not have any impact on your credit score.

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